Q: What’s the meaning of Full-Servo? What’s the difference between gear drive and Full-Servo?

A: Full-Servo means equipment’s each unit drive by its own serve motor independently. It avoids the cumulative error caused by gear wear down, which ensures long life-span and high precision.

Q: To taking the place of offset print carton box, how many color sets should be match? And what’s the maximum?

A: Offset print and flexo print are different, offset printed box has different pattern design. If flexo print takes the place of offset print, besides the four primitive colors , we also need to add one or two special colors. So most customers will choose six colors unit, further more add the UV varnish unit(match up with the structure and the printing units), so the totally printing color sets is seven.  
Generally, there is no restriction for the color sets, customers equip 6+1 can meet their requirements, so we offer the maximum printing color seven sets by far.

Q: If customer need to print both white-coated paper and craft paper, is there any solutions?

A: Based on the diversity of carton box from different customers, we provide dual anilox-roll device (optional). There are two sets of anilox-roll and ink supply system in one printing unit, which adapts the printer to both white-coated paper and craft paper, not only fulfill the precise printing of high resolution, but also satisfy the general printing of large ink volume and printing width on the spot. Customer needn’t to purchase another equipment, because dual-roll ink transmission system can meet their requirements.
Q: After printing, could the water-based varnish oil and UV vanish oil be compatible?

A: Sure. According to the vanish oil customer used, slight adjustment is suitable for drying process after vanishing.

Q: Whether slight wrapping cardboard can ensure precise printing and feed-in?

A: Based on full vacuum suction system, slight wrapping cardboard can be feed in and meet required printing precision. Some serious wrap have great impact on the feed in and precise printing. Before printing, do the best to making sure the status of cardboard is fine and creating a good condition for equisite printing.

Q: Is there any special requirement for the water-base ink onto white- coated paper printing? Is it expensive?

A: Acrylic resin, water-base ink for white-coated printing is belong to quick-drying ink, but abietic resin is belong to slow-drying ink. Due to fine and smooth coated layer with bad absorbility, the ink membranous layer will become thinner and ease to dry.
Different brand has different price, generally for RMB 20/KG. It is important to choose suitable water base ink for printing, because quality influence printing effects.

Q: Is it difficult to carve high screen line? What’s the thickness of plate?

A: If offset print transformed to flexo print, it has specific requirements to high screen line pre-printing, and require certain professional experience.
Print plate has great impact on printing effect, and flexo printing effect gets close to offset printing effect, so the printing preparation is very important.
The thickness of plate has many types, we used 2.84mm and 3.94mm frequently.

Q: Through the whole white-coated paper printing,  how to ensure the dedusting effect?

A: Inside the feeding unit, we equip with initial dedusting device. Aim at the exquisite printing of white-coated paper, we also equip with special dedusting unit, enhance to improve dedusting effects.  Certainly, the circumstance on the spot and the clearness of cardboard are the efficient guarantees for improving the dedusting effect.

Q: What’s the manner of drying style for SINOVAN device? How to make choice?

A: In view of gloss oil types, we mainly use infrared rays and ultraviolet rays to proceed the centralized drying. After printing, in the first step carry on the infrared drying, the second step varnish process, and then ultraviolet or infrared dry to be used. These ensure slotting and die-cutting wouldn’t make drag marks. Customers can choose the suitable dry units depend on their requirements.

Q: What’s the each unit of screen line configured for SINOVAN device?  Whether the device slotting and die-cutting could be operated online?

A: Our device is Full-Servo high precision corrugated board printer & die-cutter, the specific entire wire configuration is as below: Feeding unit, Dedusting unit, Printing units, Infrared drying unit, Varnishing unit, Ultraviolet drying unit, Slotting unit, Die cutting unit, and Stacking unit. Customers can choose these unit based on their demands.

Q:  What’s the difference between fixed type and move type? Which one is better?

A: Just as its name implies, each unit of the fixed type can’t move, but the feeding unit, dedusting unit and printing units of move type can move on the rail, it’s easy for the equipment open and close. These two types have their own advantages, based on the different customers’ demand to choose relevant type.
Move type is easy for operation and maintenance, and the price is more favorable compared to fixed type. Because of the loose space, it’s more suitable for installing dual-roll ink supply system.
Fixed type can install drying tube between printing units to enhancing drying effect, and also can install version roller up device. It can realize production and plate change at the same time, improve the production efficiency. Its unique efficiency advantage can save a large number of labor costs, which more welcomed by the oversea market. However, the limited space not fit to equip dual-roll ink supply system.

Q: After several years usage, could the printing color sets or slotting & die cutting unit be added into the device?

A: Sure. It is better to pre-set the leading rail and suitable cable line for initial equipment erecting.

Q:  How long for the preparation of printing and how much is the wastage of water- base ink for changing plate?

A:  The preparation for printing is 0.5h to 1h, according to the different operator’s proficiency. The water-base ink loss is 0.3KG to 0.5KG for each color sets.

Q: What’s the manner of shaving for printing unit? Rubber roll or shaving blade?

A: We adopt inclosed dual-shaving blade system match up with ceramic anilox roll system, shaving evenly, which could be realize high density precision printing.

Q: What’s the maximum screen line can be reach? Is it better to configured  the anilox roll’ screen line precisely?

A: Our printing line can reach up to 133Lpi at present. The configuration of anilox roll’s screen line is decided by printing line. It doesn’t mean the higher the better. The higher screen line need more elaborate maintenance, so it is very important to maintain the anilox roll.

Q: What’s the delivery time for the machine? Whether we could choose any other extraordinary specification?

A:  Generally speaking, the delivery time is about three months. We supply the fixed-type and move-type as following basic size: 1213、1218、1224、1228、1628、1632. We don’t suggest customer select extraordinary specification, which will prolong the delivery time and increase the cost.