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Zhuzhou Sinovan 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

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On Oct. 20th 2010, the 10th anniversary celebration ceremony of Zhuzhou Sinovan Technology Packaging Co., Ltd was held in our

company factory. China Packaging Federation vice president Mr. Zhang Yaoquan, China Packaging Federation vice secretary general Mr.

Zhang Yuezhong, China Packaging Federation Paper Products Committee secretary general Mr. Liu Shousheng, China Packaging Newspaper

president Mr. Wang Bin and zhuzhou leaders of the related departments were invited to attend the celebration activities. In

addition, more than 100 large and medium-sized carton packaging enterprise leaders and technicians with more than 200 guests

attended the celebration.

Firstly, Sinovan chief executive made the opening remarks to all the leaders and guest. Then we held a demonstration of

“Integration Full-Servo High Precision Corrugated Board Printer & Die-cutter” in our assembly workshop. In the afternoon, parts

of the representatives attend our corrugated cardboard ink printing technology exchange meeting. Relative representatives introduce

the technologies of Sinovan printing equipment, ceramic anilox roll, flexible resin version and ink & oil.

The 10th anniversary celebration ceremony is the milestone of Sinovan history. All our staff will own a full enthusiasm, high

morale, scientific attitude and steadfast style to setting new goals, meeting new challenges, towarding new ten years and create

new glories.