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The First “Zhuzhou Sinovan Ink Printing Technology Exchange Conference”

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On July 29th-31st 2011, the first “Zhuzhou Sinovan ink printing technology exchange conference” was held in Zhuzhou Sinovan Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd. The meeting was aimed to provide after-sales service platform, improving the service quality. More than 20 clients leadership and equipment operators around the country attended the conference, discuss Sinovan “Integration Full Servo High Precision Corrugated Cardboard Printer and Die-cutter” of the usage, maintenance and maintenance. In order to make better technical communication, we are particularly invited experts from Haili roll, Hefei Yuanhe, Mianyang Huamao and Hunan Jinhai to carry out the relevant lectures.

On 30th, Sinovan engineer make an overall introduction of our equipment at the beginning, including the equipment selection, configuration and the structural descriptions. Then Sinovan after-sales service engineer explained the printing operations common problems and solving methods, and exchange the practice experience with each other. In the afternoon, some related representatives had introduced the ceramic anilox roll, water-based ink, flexible version and UV glazing oil technology of the latest information, use method and maintenance.

On 31st, the participants view equipment spot demonstration in our assembly workshop. Later, Sinovan after-sales service engineer explained the operation problems, which contains axial regulation field assembly, roll version device adjusting, ink pump pressure & scraper regulation, plate cleaning and commonly used parts assembly, etc.

The participants exchange and communicate actively and seriously, it has achieved a good effect. Three days of technology exchange came to a successful conclusion. As the Sinovan vice general manager Mr. Liu Xingwang said: “Our equipment to be own a high quality, our services more need for continued high quality. Zhuzhou Sinovan hope to contribute to the environmental protection ink printing business’s development.”